Amazon Shipping Increase: Will You Still Shop There?

I may be the last person to hear about this, but it looks like Amazon has increased their free shipping threshold from $35 to $49 (on qualifying purchases). That’s an increase of $14 and the biggest one I can remember.

I may be dating myself, but I can remember when it went from $25 to $35 and people were outraged. At the time, Amazon blamed the rising cost of shipping, but what’s their reasoning now? Stamps are coming DOWN in price by 2 cents.

The fact that this change wasn’t advertised tells me that they know it won’t be well received. I for one used to love the free shipping option. I would buy gifts for my niece on Amazon and have them sent directly to her because she lives across the country. At $25 it was a great deal. At $35 I would justify spending a little more to get the free shipping. At $49 I can’t see it happening. I’ll switch to Target – Red card holders get free shipping and it doesn’t cost you $100 a year to be a card holder.

On top of their rising prices, more and more Prime members are speaking out about delayed shipping time. Free 2-day shipping is translating into a week or more to get items because of delays in processing. For a business that makes its money selling and shipping goods, slow shipping and rising costs may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

So how will you handle the shipping increase? Will you finally join Prime or will you take your business elsewhere?


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