I Caved and Bought LulaRoe

I finally caved and bought an MLM product. I feel so dirty. But a close friend invested a lot of money (we’re talking in the neighborhood of $4600!) to join LulaRoe and I wanted to support her, so I bought a few items. A classic T, a perfect T and a Cassie skirt. She didn’t have leggings because apparently there’s some sort of leggings shortage.

I bought everything in my usual size (small). My mistake. It turns out that LLR uses vanity sizing, so you can comfortably size down 1 to 2 sizes. The “small” classic T fits like a big medium or even a large. The perfect T fits my 5′ self like a knee-length dress with a ton of extra room. My LLR friend did tell me the Perfect T would be long, I just didn’t imagine it would be THAT long. What type of Amazon women are these things made for? I’ve been told the Irmas are enormous and to steer clear because they’re significantly longer and more tent-like than perfect T’s. She’s 5’7″ and says they’re knee-length on her, but if I get one I can wear it like a floor-length MooMoo. Fabulous.
Anyway, when my package arrived, I was initially impressed with how soft everything felt, then I read the wash instructions and THE SHIT HIT THE FAN. Hang dry? Who the F has time for that? Not this mama. I quickly texted my friend – she’d tell me the truth on whether or not I had to really hang everything to dry.

She responded back. Affirmative.

What. The. Hell. Seriously?? Who makes “everyday clothes” that have to be hung dry? I live in New England – there are probably 6 months out of the year when that’s not possible and then 3 months when those bright colors LLR is known for will fade faster than the plot line in a Disney movie. That leaves me with indoor drying. HAHAHA. With 3 kids, a dog and a cat, that should go over well.

All in all, the clothes are cute and incredibly soft, but an absolute PITA to care for since they have to be hung dry and the sizing is completely ridiculous for smaller individuals. The care has something to do with the rayon/spandex/craziness blend fabric they use, but it’s essential to the brand’s simplified sizing to choose materials that have quite a bit of stretch. The big draw of LLR is definitely the patterns and chasing “unicorns” seems to be a big thing for a lot of people. I can see the appeal, but I don’t know if I can see this as a long-term thing for women. If the prices were lower it might be, but at $35 for a t-shirt, it’s not a sustainable habit for me.




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