Save on Flowers for Mom this Mother’s Day

Groupon is seriously my new favorite thing. I just scored 2 bouquets with vases and chocolates, delivered, for well under $100. ($40 for 2 groupon vouchers, plus $17 overage on 1 bouquet and $5 overage on the other. $62 total.)

How? Groupon was having a promotion for $20 for $40 worth of flowers from ProFlowers. You could buy 2 vouchers – so of course, I did. Combine the voucher with ProFlower’s Mother’s Day sale and done. I scheduled delivery for the Thursday/Friday (flexible) before Mother’s Day to save on delivery.

Interested in getting in on the deal? Join Groupon using my referral link:

Join Groupon!

Then use the search bar to find flowers. The deal I used has expired, but there’s still a $10 for $30 worth of flowers deal floating around which winds up being just as sweet!

Disclaimer: I’ll get $10 when you join and buy a Groupon. If enough people join Groupon using my link, I’ll do a giveaway! Comment below to let me know if you join!


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