Why I’m Giving Up On Keurig


My Keurig has sat untouched in my pantry for over 6 months. I think I’m finally ready to part with it, even thought the piece of me that desperately wants to conform is screaming to slap that puppy back on the counter and look trendy.

Convenience they say. Great taste they say. Lies. All lies.

There is nothing convenient or particularly wonderful about Keurig. First, it makes a sub-par cup of coffee. There, I said it and I’m sure in about 10 minutes the Keurig police will arrive at my door. Maybe the lackluster performance is due to the fact that I have the Keurig mini and not one of the fancier (more expensive) models, but I can’t justify shelling out more money for a Keurig with more features when I’m so unimpressed with the one I have.

The not-so-great taste could potentially be offset by the convenience factor, except it’s not all that convenient. You still have to put coffee in, and sure it’s just a pod, but it’s not all that much less work than putting ground coffee in a filter. With my model, you still have to add water. Then there’s the sequence of opening, closing and turning on that you have to do to get it to even start.

Once the coffee is brewed, you have trash. Plastic trash. Trash that will go into a landfill. With my drip coffee maker the used grounds go into the compost. No trash.

The other thing that bothers me is the temperature of the coffee. It’s somewhere between hotter than hell and the surface of the sun. Temperatures that hot plus plastic pods really don’t make for good coffee. Heck, even without the plastic pod using water that hot would make the coffee pretty gross.

The final nail in Keurig’s coffin is the cost. Those pods are expensive! I thought they would get cheaper as they became more popular, but that’s not the case at all.

Between the taste, the waste and the expense, this (former) Keurig user will stick with her drip maker and save the leftover coffee for iced coffee later in the day.
(photo credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/pjinomaha/2568044692/in/photolist-4UVUdC-v7oYo1-v5zX4G-aNhPTT-qkSQJ4-qkRn1T-fE52ky-dTQ1PU-qimgnY-qxCMPm-pCVmPJ-qiuUdp-ECtQN3-qzUXgn-97L4Wv-qxCMW5-ECtQXb-9VruVq-EukPGA-dtWutW-dHQA4A-9jX18z-8WoVdE-7Ksxsa-4oq9EA-dtR6Mi-rQwH2r-mrDx55-4jvvsr-4jzyuq-9k1gDo-ozkTK-o5DmwS-9jXirP-6gZKdM-iAVAzb-5HxPn3-5scuFS-mrDBUL-mrDCYQ-mrBHka-mrCh5B-s91Yur-kn2PVe-hARe4D-iVvhHy-v7oXYy-v7Ua4p-uaTwfo-v8ci5B)


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