Growing Pains: House Hunt Part 1

We’ve officially outgrown our house. The kids are getting bigger and 3 kids in a 3 bedroom house won’t be sustainable much longer. Plus, this mama that loves to cook needs a bigger (better) kitchen that’s more centrally located.

With that in mind, we began our very precarious house hunt this weekend. We hooked up with a new realtor (the old one wasn’t getting back to us) and we set out to view 4 properties; 2 that my husband liked and 2 that I liked.

House #1 was an old farm house. There were some dilapidated areas over the barn, but the main structure didn’t leak or anything. It was your basic old house. The person tried on the inside, but it was a little funky – after all, it was built before indoor plumbing was a thing. Unfortunately, the yard was not kid-friendly at all and that was one of our top considerations. The lack of heat on the 2nd floor was also a deal-breaker for me since we live in New England. It’s on 4 acres, but only 1/4 of an acre was usable and even that would take some work to make happen.

House #2 was love at first sight. It is a 10-year old colonial with a farmer’s porch on 6 acres in a right-to-farm town. It’s well-maintained and the layout is perfect. The kids fell in love with it and the yard is nice and flat, perfect for them to run and play. A big tree in the middle of the front yard provides plenty of shade. The drawback is essentially the location. With a 30-minute drive to the nearest grocery store, it’s a far cry from what we’re used to. Also, there’s an old landfill not far down the road and the street in front of the house isn’t paved. My husband’s commute would be 1.5 hours each way on a good day. Not awesome. The property is being subdivided and it’s a wild card what would be going in next door (or where) even though we know it would be another house of some sort.

House #3 looked great on paper, but not in person. Again, it was in the middle of nowhere at the end of a very long “driveway”, which was more like an unpaved road since there were other houses off of it. The house was the newest of the ones we had seen, but it lived a rough life. There had been some interesting renovations made since the owner was now wheelchair bound. On the bright side, it had a 1-car garage and the schools in that area are great. It also had a lot of land in a regular shape.

House #4 looked bad on paper and worse in person. The husband wanted to look because it’s 7 bedrooms and on 14+ acres, but boy was it bad. The siding was falling down, the bedrooms each had an interesting feature (like exposed wires) and the bathrooms (all 1.5 of them) had NO storage. Actually, the entire house was pretty void of closets which was amazing since it was built in the 50’s. The homeowner or listing agent had left out a map of the property for us and several areas around the home were suspiciously blocked out. The realtor made some calls and found out it was a proposed solar farm, only about 100 feet beyond the back door. And a proposed solar farm just 200 feet from the side of the house. And a proposed solar farm across the street. Nope, no thanks, good luck with that!

We parted ways with the realtor with him promising to find more homes to look at and us contemplating #2 a little more. Two days later and I’m still thinking about it – if it were closer to the husband’s job it might be worth it. Unfortunately, it’s not.


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