Try it Tuesday: 1 Tip to Be More Productive

I found a tip on Pinterest to increase productivity in just a couple of minutes each morning. The trick, according to the article, was to write a list of everything you want to get done that day. Then, go back and star 3 must-do items. Next, draw an arrow pointing to 3 things you would like to get done, but won’t be devastated over if you don’t finish.

The rest put off until tomorrow.

Next, choose the stared item that would take the least amount of time. Flip the paper over and write down the current time. Now go!

Continue the process until your 3 stared items are finished. Once done, give yourself a small reward and move on to the arrowed items, tackling them in the same manner. If you have any energy (or time) left, you can work on the rest of your list.

I tried this. I made my list – just a scant 6 items – and I went for it.

Failure about 5 minutes into the system. Now I’m sitting here with this intimidating list with 3 more items than would normally be on my list and I’m no further ahead than I’d normally be. Heck, even writing this blog post is a byproduct of my procrastination.

Maybe if I liked my job? Maybe if I had more interesting clients? Maybe if my kids were quieter? If I had more self-control? If I had designated work-time away from home?

There are a lot of maybes and variables. All I know is that a list of 6 items didn’t help me one bit.

What are your best productivity tips? Bonus points if you work from home with kids!


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