Gulp: We’re Cutting Cable

We’re finally doing it – we’re cutting cable. After talking about it for over 2 years, we’re finally breaking free of Dish. They raised our bill from $47/month to $52/month in January (yearly $5 price hike) and then in March they raised it to $95 because “customer credits” expired. I got those credits the last time they raised it to $80 and I tried to leave.

This time, the best they could do was $65 if I didn’t want to downgrade my package. We could get back down to $52 if I wanted to get rid of basically every channel we watch (mostly kid channels and Hallmark. Don’t judge me.)

We shopped around with various cable providers and they all came to over $100/month for cable and internet. Right now we pay $35 for internet, so that’s still quite a cable bill. It seems like wherever we go we would be paying about $65 for cable.

There’s a lot of things you can do with $65/month instead of paying for cable. Here’s what we decided to do:

$8.34/month for Amazon Prime (I’m buying 12 months all at once for a little discount)
$10/month for Netflix (2 screens)

Total: $18.34/month

We have a couple of Roku players and can watch shows on ABC and other major networks about a week after they air for free. We might also get an indoor antennae since we are between 3 major cities. At this rate, we can also splurge on streaming movies, Red box and DVDs each month and still be ahead of what we would be with cable. Amazon prime is mostly for buying streaming content and 2-day shipping our DVD selections.

Some friends also recommended that I look into a streaming service called Kodi, but I haven’t done that yet.

So, if you’ve cut cable, what has your experience been like? Can you offer any advice? Do you think my Roku will cut it? We also have a 3rd generation Apple TV, but it seems pretty limited — no Amazon Prime on that.


2 thoughts on “Gulp: We’re Cutting Cable

  1. marissachabera says:

    My husband and I have been without cable for the past four months. For us, we have subscriptions to Netflix and Hulu. I really recommend Hulu as they offer many tv shows the day after they air. We haven’t missed cable at all. Also, we visit sports bars or friends houses for sporting events.


    • Amber says:

      I’m on the fence about Hulu. For me, waiting a week to watch an episode of a show isn’t that big of a deal since we don’t really have any shows that we watch regularly. The kids watch their shows on TV, but the husband and I mostly just watch the bachelor and an occasional movie.

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