You Sunk My Battleship

I haven’t posted anything new in a while. My life was a blur of work, kids and cleaning the house. It was madness. July absolutely flew by.

And then the world slowed to a complete standstill this past Sunday when some a-hole kid in an old Cherokee T-boned my car at an intersection. All 5 of us were in the vehicle and thank God nobody was seriously injured. They slammed right into the door that my 6-year old was sitting next to. She suffered a black eye, some lacerations around her eye and on her forehead and a pretty good bruise to that arm. She kept waking up with a headache, but we were assured by her pediatrician that it was not a concussion.

My husband — who was driving — got a pretty good gash on his arm and a nice bruise to match. I got a bruised elbow and a 3-day long headache. My other daughter had a good cut on her leg. My son (seated in the middle) came out A-OK.

Surprisingly, no tickets have been issued that I know of yet. Oh right, he was wearing a police department t-shirt. The type you get when your daddy is on the force. The speed limit was 25, but airbags deployed on both vehicles (side on ours, front on his). Both vehicles were totaled. He hit hard enough to spin my Pilot (after seeing the pictures, he hit half on my daughter’s door and half on the rear tire), in a circle and push  it onto the sidewalk. My Pilot is obviously bigger than his Cherokee, so that tells you how hard he hit us. I’m really doubtful that he was going 25. Doubtful he was going 35.

Back to my rant about the kid. He got out of the car screaming at us. Swearing, waving his arms and generally acting like a nut job that hadn’t just flown through an intersection and slammed into a car full of little kids. I’ll tell you — heroin is a hell of a drug. Somehow the police didn’t test that little twerp for drugs or alcohol even though it was obvious he had just been off roading and his demeanor was less than wonderful.

I hope whomever it was beat him to an inch of his life when they found out he t-boned a car full of children and didn’t even hit the breaks or turn to avoid the collision. I’m getting mad just thinking about it. Of course my husband has a few speeding tickets to his name so our car insurance was already high and I did not have rental coverage to help keep costs down, so now we don’t have a vehicle capable of hauling the kids. Since the police didn’t issue him a ticket, I can’t get coverage through his insurance company — though I doubt he would have rental reimbursement on a police for a vehicle that old. So now I’m on the hunt for a new car. Hopefully insurance settles up soon because I need something before school starts in a week and a half as there is no bus for preschool.

My dad, a car guy, is checking out a vehicle for me this weekend. He’s not hopeful, but if it’s decent I’ll be able to buy it in full with what I’m getting for my car. So, cross your fingers for me. Pray a little. Do whatever you do — I’m sooo hoping that this all works out and I’m back on the road in time for preschool. T minus 12 days and counting!


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