No Wheels, No Fun

The ongoing car drama continues. After deeming my car a total loss, the insurance company gave me a low-ball offer and lied about the condition of the car. This led me to arguing through 2 more offers to get a slightly better offer. A week of my time, countless emails and phone calls for a measly $1000 more on a car that should have been valued at that amount (on the low end) to begin with!

First, they said my tires were heavily worn. Then they said the interior was majorly worn. My 4-month old tire invoice and photos of the vehicle post-crash proved both allegations to be a lie. Somehow, the adjuster’s opinion still matters. My valuation went up $600. Next up, they sent me 3 comparable vehicles to justify their low ball offer… well, just a photo and summary. I hunted them down via Google reverse-image search and lets just say they aren’t really comparable. Mine runs, even after the accident (negligent driver, who somehow is not at fault in this situation). So, I had to send in my own comps to the insurance company to take into account. They only raised my valuation $400.

I’m frustrated. I’m sick of battling an insurance company that’s more than fine taking my money, but won’t help me after an accident and goes out of their way to kick me when I’m already down. I can’t wait to be done with these people so I can write a scathing review of their company. If you live in Massachusetts, you’ll want to stay tuned.


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