Company Review: Hanover Insurance

Time is money, so I’ll get right down to my rating and then explain it later:


That’s right folks — zero stars! Impressive, no??

Here’s the breakdown:

-Price: 0 stars. It’s not worth paying a single cent for something if it’s difficult to use.
-Customer service: 0 stars. Those people are assholes. All of them. Nobody answers their phone, nobody can give you a simple answer and the lies… oh the lies… If you need to know something call 3 times and you’ll get a general sense of what the answer *may* be, but that’s of course up to interpretation still.
-Claims Service: 0 stars. The appraiser lies about condition and you have to prove them wrong, so save those receipts! They also don’t fight for their own customers so get prepared to take the fault and the surcharge no matter how ridiculous it seems. Oh, and by the way NOBODY in their claims department answers the damn phone and it takes an order from the Pope to get a call back.
-Website: 0 stars — that shit is hard to use! Good luck getting a phone number.
-Compassion: 0 stars. Their motto should be, “Hanover Insurance: Not Our Problem.”

While I was less than impressed with the initial billing issues upon signing up to Hanover, what has really pushed me over the edge is the way they’ve handled the accident. We were hit on the rear side by a driver that admitted to speeding, but instead of going up to bat for us, Hanover passed the buck, blamed us and is trying to surcharge my husband. Now he’ll have to take another day off of work to fight the surcharge.

On top of that, they’ve made the claims process as difficult as humanly possible. Their appraiser low-balled me and offered an insulting amount for my vehicle, making outrageous claims about the condition. Example: heavily worn tires. My tires were 4 months old and a high-end brand! I had to fight tooth and nail to get a little bit more money, but I can’t buy a replacement vehicle for what I’m getting.

Up next: the title. Send it over night they said… you’ll get your payment faster they said. Not so much… the title sat in their mail room for 2 days before someone looked at it. Then they found an issue conveniently close to the weekend and we’re playing the overnight express game again. More money. More trouble. More delays.

My kids are starting school next week and I need a vehicle to drive my middle child to preschool. I can’t wait to buy a replacement. Hindsight, I should have gotten rental coverage. Unfortunately, their rental coverage sucks, so either way I would be screwed right now. I’m swallowing my pride and borrowing money from a family member to get a new car and paying them back when my settlement comes through, but geeze, could Hanover make it any harder? Don’t answer that — I’m sure they can.

So if anyone out there is thinking about going to Hanover — Don’t do it! The company is difficult to deal with at best and they won’t think twice about screwing you over for a couple dollars.

I’m sure there will be another update in the future. Stay tuned!



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