End of Summer Crunch

Am I the only one experiencing an end-of-summer crunch?

My daughter is heading into 1st grade, so naturally she has roughly 5,285 minutes of homework to do each day to prepare her for that. You’d think she’s doing 1st grade at Yale! But no, this is just crummy public school where apparently the majority of the learning happens over the summer and at home.

Who needs year-round school when you have no less than 3 apps to work on daily, a math workbook, a reading log, a math log, sight words, math facts and all sorts of other torture. Oh wait, I forgot about the essays! That’s right, my *almost* 1st grader has to do 3 essays about things she did over the summer.

She didn’t learn to spell, that’s for damn sure.

Am I completely alone in my utter irritation for how much homework has been assigned for the summer months? This is supposed to be a time to relax and get ready for the school year. Traditionally it probably had something to do with farming, but my daughter doesn’t even have time to help in the garden, let alone farm something.

When did summer become about math facts and reading logs? Why can’t we take 3 months to plant something. Watch it grow. Learn where food comes from. Learn to cook something, to make something, to ride a bike. There will be plenty of time when school starts up again to focus on addition and spelling. Please teachers, leave the summer alone! Let us teach our kids to be kids before it’s too late.

Besides, I’m completely lying on your reading and math logs anyway.


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