Partnering with Pushovers: The Drama Continues

I’m going to throw it out there, my Girl Scouts co-leader is a pushover. She’s the one that all of the other moms go to when they want something changed for their convenience. Namely, the meeting times.

We meet after the typical dinner hour. The reason is because that’s when it works for me. That’s when my husband is home and able to watch the other kids while I take #1 to scouts. I can’t drop her off and I can’t bring the other kids with me (Girl Scouts rule), so that’s how it is. I’m also not going to pay someone $15/hour to watch my other kids while I’m running a troop meeting. I spend enough of my time and money on this endeavor and can’t afford to spend anymore.

The moms that are complaining about when we meet don’t help with anything. They don’t register, they don’t run meetings, they do the bare minimum at cookie booths and generally just use the meetings to socialize with the other moms (we’re enforcing the no staying unless you’re registered rule this year). They complain about everything and instead of coming to me to complain, they go to my co-leader because she’s kind of a pushover. Maybe pushover is the wrong word — she just doesn’t like to make people upset. She’s the ultimate peace keeper, but that generally means letting people walk all over her.

Instead of just saying no and explaining why, she says she’ll approach me, knowing the answer.

This resulted in last-minute time changes for cookie booths, last minute event changes, cancellations of events and so much more!

It is beyond frustrating. And because they approach her on her own and get her to agree to these crazy things and she can’t just say no, the troop is complete chaos. All. The. Damn. Time.

I’m so close to quitting. I wanted to quit last year, but now I really want to quit. We haven’t even had our first meeting yet and the moms are starting their crap. I’m going to tell them at the parent meeting to join another troop that meets 15 minutes earlier and hopefully those extra 15 minutes will be enough to sway them to leave.

So very frustrating.


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