Bite Me Obamacare

When Obamacare was nothing more than a wet dream for Nancy Pelosi, I was preaching to the rest of the country how terrible it would be. Living in Massachusetts, I knew first hand what kind of chaos the government could cause in the healthcare sector.

It’ll be great they said, universal coverage they said. Lower rates. Better care. More affordable medications.

Lies. All lies.

There are a small number of people that Obamacare benefited, but there are more of us that it hurt. We essentially dragged down the middle class to make the poor feel better by comparison. By granting forcing medicaid on a small percentage of the population that qualified for it before, but didn’t sign up for one reason or another, we also managed to screw people with coverage through their employers.

Take my family for example. Before Massachusetts mandated anything and well before the ACA, I paid $32 a month — yes A MONTH — for spectacular insurance for my husband and I. $10 office visit co-pays, free eye exams, free physicals, low prescription drug costs, you could afford the ER and a stay in the hospital wouldn’t need to be paid back in installments. We were young and healthy and enjoyed paying little for insurance we didn’t use.

Then Romneycare happened. Our premiums went up to about $300 a month for my husband and I. Co-pays went up all around and a hospital stay increased slightly, but was still reasonable. We had a baby during this time and a family plan was running us a little over $500 a month.

Then Obamacare happened and all hell broke loose. While Nancy Pelosi was having an orgasm on the house floor as she devil passed Obama’s death bill. Then some genius came up with high-deductible plans and the entire insurance industry came together with congress for a good old fashioned gang rape of the American public.

Post Obamacare our insurance premiums went up yet again and they continue to go up every year. We’re now paying around $1000 a month for a family plan and each year some vital part of coverages goes away. This year, we lost diagnostics. So, when my children get sick I start questioning if it’s something they’ll *probably* recover from or if I should take them in. My daughter has every symptom under the sun of strep throat. She’s had it before, and it goes around school every year. We’re well acquainted with it. Since we no longer have diagnostic coverage, the strep tests is going to cost me $$$. The rapid test almost never comes back positive for her for whatever reason, so it has to be sent away for lab testing. You guessed it — $$$. So right now my daughter has all of the symptoms of strep, but it’s not really bothering her too much so we’re going to wait a few days and see if her immune system takes care of it.  She’s had it enough times that I feel like there’s a possibility that it will and we can avoid the gross medicine she hates.

Sorry kids in her class — hope you all enjoy strep.

But on the bright side, men now  have coverage for birth control pills and the junkies ODing on heroin can get narcan for free. The epi-pen is now $600 and there’s no federal funding to provide epinephrine auto injectors of any brand to schools, but Planned Parenthood is still being funded and we’re still giving billions of dollars to middle eastern countries that hate us and we’re letting Iran develop nuclear weapons for “energy” — yeah, given what great allies they’ve been over the years I don’t believe that either.

Seriously America, our priorities as a society are severely messed up.


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