Wow. Did that Just Happen?

All I can say about this weekend is wow.

Just wow.

We wanted the kids to spend time with their uncle and for once, he and his partner weren’t working. Sounds great, right? Wrong. My MIL was over using their house as ground zero for her annual pumpkin party. We opted out as she invited a particular family member that we are not speaking with until he and his wife are ready to address the situation that has been going on for the last couple years.

After being assured by both my MIL and my brother-in-law’s partner that said person and his family were not there, we made the hour long drive with our kids to their uncle’s house.

We arrived and a familiar car was in the driveway.


Blind sighted. We put the car in reverse and left. My MIL was hysterical, can’t we just act like they’re not horrible people like everyone else does and take the abuse so we can all live in an ignorant sort of peace? No. We did that for 7 years until their antics became more and more outrageous. I can’t live like that. Holidays are stressful enough without worrying about which personality either of them were going to bring that day.

We switched off our phones and stopped taking calls. The next day, MIL texts and says she’s heading home. Conveniently around dinner time. It’s  her usual way of fishing for a dinner invite so they can avoid stopping and buying dinner along the way.

Neither the husband nor I bit. Still pissed. Drive safe.

It has been over 2 years at this point. They aren’t going to ever address the situation and we’re not interested in getting sucked back into that unhealthy relationship that everyone else seems to be fine with. Everyone complains about her and her bipolarity or the paternity of her kids, but nobody will address it head-on with her because she threatens to withhold the kids and is doing just that with my FIL.

Oh yes, lets continue to coddle the psycho while we complain that the world is going to heck, violence is out of control and nobody understands the notion of personal responsibility. Please. Practice what you preach people. Don’t extend miles of tolerance to one unstable person while condemning the families of mass killers, saying how they should have seen the signs and gotten the person help. You’re not forcing the psycho in our family to get help, so how can you condemn anyone else for doing the same damn thing?

Well, one thing’s for sure — my holidays just got a whole lot brighter since nobody will make the hour long trip to see us and we’ve decided that going there is not going to happen again because they’ll pull their garbage again.


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