Product Review: Babies R Us Diapers (Free Sample)

If you don’t already know, I’m a member of Influenster, which is a company that connects people that love doing reviews (that’s me) with brands that want exposure. Influencers get sent samples of some of the newest products on the market so that we can try them out and let everyone know how they work before they go out and try them.

The latest campaign is from Babies R Us and it’s for diapers. Specifically, it’s for Babies R Us brand diapers. They come in a pack that looks like this:


I was given a pack for free to try out and review, but normally they’re priced at $7.99. They’re a pretty good value at that price, but in true Babies R Us fashion there always seems to be some sort of promotion happening so you can get an even better deal.

When I first opened the package I noticed right away that the diapers were soft and thin. We normally use LUVS, and these were significantly thinner and softer — similar to Pampers.

Next came the fit test. I grabbed my 2 year old and strapped one one. They seem to run smaller than our usual brand, but they still fit. The leg gussets were extra stretchy, which was a bonus. The tabs are super wide and are very secure. Much more than I was expecting from a store-brand diaper.

Up next: The leak test. I put a diaper on my son and put him down for the night. The next morning… it was like the Hoover Dam broke all over his bed. Hello laundry! Thinking it was maybe just a fluke, we used the diapers again the next night. More leakage. So either my son is a super wetter or the diapers just don’t have the same capacity of our normal brand. Either way, I’m going to recommend you use something else over night.

My overall rating is:


4 stars. While they failed the overnight leak test, they’re soft and they fit well. They work great for daytime diapers and they’re affordable compared to name brands. Pick something else for overnight and enjoy the value of Babies R Us diapers during the day.


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