Product Review: Colgate Gum Health Mouthwash


A while ago I noticed that my gums were receding along a particular stretch of my upper teeth. That was followed by a dark red line along the tooth. My dental coverage wasn’t great at the time, so I consulted my friend, Dr. Google, who told me it was probably gingivitis.

We’re still several months away from getting dental coverage that we can use (the current plan doesn’t seem to be accepted by actual dentists and a basic cleaning here goes for around $250), so I wanted to minimize the spread of the gingivitis and do what I could to help my gums out. After a lot of searching online and a trip to the store to read ingredients, I settled on Colgate Total Gum Health Mouth Wash.

The label says it’s alcohol free, which was a plus. I tried it as soon as I got home and to my surprise, it burned like the devil was playing with matches inside of my mouth. Holy hades, the fire was real.

Fortunately, the burning quit after what only seemed like a solid year of swishing. In reality was probably like 15 seconds, but when you feel like you’re swishing liquid fire, every second counts.

I’m pleased to report that the swishing became less intense with use and that the mouthwash left my breath fresh all morning long, even after drinking coffee. My gums seem to be improving and the angry redness along the tooth in question is slowly fading. Overall, I’m very¬†pleased that I added this mouthwash to my daily routine and I’ll continue using it.

Despite the initial discomfort, I think this mouthwash earned a solid 5 stars!

5 stars



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