Barn Cats: Natural Mouse Control

I intended to write this post complete with a picture or 2 of the newest members of our homestead — a couple of barn cats. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen them since they were relocated, last night.

We got the cats from a local animal rescue. They were being cared for by an older person that had moved and was no longer able to feed them. They’re about 6 months old and litter mates. They were fixed, vetted and deemed suitable for placement in an outdoor/barn type of environment only. We have been looking into natural ways to control the rodent population in our area and barn cats seemed like a good idea.

The rescue set them up with an insulated shelter inside of one of our sheds. We’re supposed to keep them confined for 4-6 weeks before letting them out to do their thing. They were brought over last night and set up. I went to check on them this morning and found that they had used the litter box several times over the night, but they didn’t touch their moist food (now frozen) and their water had froze solid as well. I replaced the water and cleaned the litter box. Then I left a small pile of toys and left — I did not see the cats. A little while later I went back to check and see if they had moved the toys. I figured that would be a sign that they were alive and well. The toys were not moved.

Panicked, I started looking around outside the shed. It’s amazing how many animals lurk in our yard at night. It certainly makes me not want to go backyard camping anytime soon!!

So hopefully the cats were just hiding and they didn’t find some way of escaping. Only time will tell, but I hope to find more evidence of their survival in the litter box tomorrow.


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