Barn Cats Update: Squirrels in the Shed

This is probably going to be the least exciting update ever made because we STILL haven’t seen the cats!

We know they’re still in there because they used the litter box and ate the food, but the little buggars are dead silent whenever we go in there. They aren’t using their shelter that the cat rescue provided for them, opting to sleep in the nooks and crannies of the piles of crap we have in there instead.

I still feel like we’re making progress though as they finally took the cat toys in there and played with them. Surely that means they’re getting more comfortable, right? I hope that at some point they let us see them.

In fact, because my husband wasn’t home when they were brought in, he’s starting to think they don’t exist. He said this morning that there probably aren’t any cats at all and that I’m just feeding the squirrels in the shed. He’s now referring to them exclusively as “the squirrels in the shed”.


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