Product Review: Bella Stir Stick Popcorn Maker

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 5.07.48 PM

We’re all about freshly popped popcorn at my house and while we know air popped is the best for you, it just doesn’t have that extra layer of flavor that a little bit of oil and salt adds. For a while I was making popcorn on the stove in a big pot with a lid. There was a lot of waiting and shaking. It was honestly kind of a pain, but we liked the flavor so much more than air popped or microwave that I kept doing it. Then we happened across this little number at Kohls on Black Friday and I had to have it!

The Bella Stir Stick Popcorn Maker lets you pop your popcorn kernels in oil without the work of watching the pot or shaking the popcorn. The dual arm system keeps the popcorn moving so it doesn’t burn and the lid of the popper doubles as a bowl!

To use the machine, all you do is add a TBSP of oil to the base and your popcorn kernels. Put the lid on and hit the on switch. There are holes in the top so you can leave your butter up there to melt into your popcorn as it pops, ensuring even distribution and no soggy bits. We tried that once and it worked well, but we really just like a light sprinkle of salt with the little bit of oil from popping. There’s a cover that goes on the top (it’s black in this photo) to prevent any butter or bits of popcorn from escaping out the bottom of the bowl if you choose to use the lid to hold your popped popcorn.

The only thing I don’t like about this is that you have to shut it off and flip it upside SUPER fast to prevent the popcorn from burning. Once the stir stick stops the popcorn will burn in seconds, so you really have to flip it over fast. My husband pointed out that you could, in theory, do the flip while the machine was turned on, but that just seemed like a bad idea to me.

Despite that one small inconvenience (I only burned the popcorn once before I perfected the timing of the flip), I’ll still give this popcorn popper 5 stars!

5 stars

I have to mention that I was not sponsored or compensated in anyway to do this review. It’s just something I bought and HAD to tell everyone about. That’s how amazing it is if your family loves popcorn as much as mine does!


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