Homesteading 101: Barn Cat Update

The cats are out of the bag… er… barn… er… shed? Yes, the cats are out of the shed.

In case you haven’t been following this harrowing tale, we adopted 2 barn cats from a local cat rescue. Cute little buggars from what I saw of them. One all black, one white with grey patches. Brothers. Only 6 months old and already deemed unsuitable for indoor living. They were fixed and all of that before arrival. My only job was to feed them and keep them cooped up in the shed for 6 weeks before releasing them into the backyard to catch mice and provide rodent control.

Well, I failed. About a week into it mother nature threw a bitch fit and blew the door to my shed in. The cats escaped. Fortunately, they’re pretty darn smart and they’ve stuck around. The kids saw them run across the back yard once or twice. I now keep a dish of food outside and some better (wet) food inside the shed. They eat both and the hay in their little cat shelter keeps getting smushed down, so I’m pretty sure they’re sleeping in it on the colder nights. They’ve stopped using the litter box in the shed and are now going outside (oh yeah, there’s a lovely aroma of cat pee all around the shed).

I’m going to call it a success. We haven’t planted the garden yet, so I can’t say for sure if the mice situation is under control or not, but the barn cats are out there and they’re still alive.


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