Struggling to Stay Positive

After this crazy weekend, I’m really struggling to stay positive.

It started on St. Patrick’s Day. My crock pot died… in the middle of cooking dinner. I didn’t notice until it was time to eat. Needless to say we had a very late, very tough corned beef dinner.

Strike one.

The next day I tried to put the St. Patrick’s Day catastrophe behind me. I started researching crock pots. My husband wanted to go run some errands, so we piled the kids into the car and off we went. I realized I left my phone at home before we got to the store, so I couldn’t look for coupons. Bummer. As we pulled into the parking lot, white smoke started pouring out from the hood of my car. Bigger bummer.

Parked the car and popped the hood. Holy smokes. No, really, there was a lot of smoke. Ok, went in the store while that cooled down and came back to discover that all of the coolant was gone. “Oh,” my husband says, “I just filled that up like 2 weeks ago.” Ok then. We have a problem. We drove home (probably not wise) and then unsuccessfully tried to diagnose and fix the problem.

Strike two.

My middle kid is in preschool and there’s no bus. I am the bus. Because of snow, she hasn’t been to school in a while.  My husband said I should just drive her to and from school and it’ll be fine. We can bring it to the shop on Thursday. I called my dad (he works for a car dealership) and he said no. It’ll get much worse and if you overheat the car apparently it’s super bad. So, no school for the middle kid on at least Monday.

Strike three.

We decide to deliver the car to the shop on Sunday afternoon so I didn’t have to wait for it with the kids. I made it halfway there before it was hot enough that I needed to pull over for fear of overheating it. We put water in the coolant reservoir (because we ran out of coolant) and continued the rest of the way. Pretty sure using water instead of coolant in New England during the winter that won’t quit is a bad idea.

Strike four.

So I’m trying to stay positive. The leak didn’t seem to be near the radiator or the water pump, so maybe it’s something cheap. A girl can dream, right? My crock pot died, but in a few months when I’m not so darn broke I can look for a new one. I’ve heard great things about the Ninja 3-in-1 cooker and if I can fit into my finances I’ll get one of those. You all can look forward to the review and possibly a video of using it if I do! Silver linings, silver linings. Something good HAS to come out of this weekend, right??


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