Market Basket Fail

If you live in eastern MA, NH or southern Maine, you’ve probably at least heard of Market Basket. If you’re outside of that area, Market Basket is a grocery store. They have a reputation for having the cheapest prices, though their costs are steadily increasing and you can often score better sales at other stores. Still though, I go there for my “normal” items like pasta and canned goods that are still cheaper there.

This morning I ran in for dishwasher detergent and toilet paper. I had my 3 year old with me and I wasn’t paying attention at checkout. I left the store and realized the toilet paper had rang in wrong. It was marked $9.99 on the shelf and it rang in at $13.49. I went to customer service to get the price fixed and got some serious attitude from the little girl at the desk.

Heaven forbid I interrupt your very sorry attempt at flirting with the boy you were working with.

She eventually called someone in the store and asked them to check the price. The guy working in that department said there was no sale sign. I could see the part of the store where the toilet paper was from where I was standing. The person “checking the price” removed the large orange sale sign when he was confirming the price and took it with him. Toilet paper was not advertised in last week or this week’s flyer, so I don’t know if it was a sign that was left up from the previous week or if the wrong item had been advertised on the sign.

It’s things like that that make me not want to shop at Market Basket anymore. You have to really watch the prices at checkout, otherwise you’re going to pay more. I would not have bought the toilet paper for $13.49. I’m tempted to bring it back and return it… not because it’s a horrible price, but because of the experience I had with the store.

Have you ever stopped shopping somewhere because of bad customer service?


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