Survey Says: No Fricken Way!

Interesting story. Someone that works at my town asked me to come in and speak with them about my feelings in regards to the direction the town is going.


I’m not wealthy so I can’t contribute to anyone’s campaign finances and I don’t own land that the town wants. There’s no reason they’d want to speak to me other than to tell me to shut up. I apparently make people stop and think about the crap that’s going on in town.

So dear, survey says: NO FRICKEN WAY! All the warning bells are going off and red flags are flying on this one. I’m so not interested in being bullied by a politician. Thanks, but no thanks! Seriously, why are politicians so damn dirty?

Probably because they can get away with it.

Before you vote this spring or next fall, I encourage you to RESEARCH your candidate. Go on Facebook, it’s amazing what kind of crap you’ll find once you start scratching the surface. One thing’s for sure, with the amount of money it takes to run for office, there’s no wonder there’s so much corruption. The best, most honest and hardest working people usually lack the funds to make a change. The piss-poor options are the ones with the signs and the rallies offering voters the moon in exchange for another term.

You reap what you sew and that my friends is why the American political system, even in small-town America is so rotten.


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