My Take on the Michelle Carter Texting Suicide Case

By now I’m sure you’ve heard about Michelle Carter – the girl that encouraged her boyfriend via text message to commit suicide. He did wind up killing himself and now she’s on trial.

Am I the only one that thinks we’ve all lost our damn minds? Yes, she’s a sick, twisted piece of shit for encouraging a mentally ill person to kill himself. I’ve heard that she has something wrong too and was medicated at the time. Somehow the media is making his mental illness out to be more legitimate and ¬†important than hers. We’re supposed to feel sympathy for him and his mental illness, but not for her. We’re supposed to hold her responsible for his actions, not him. He’s sick, after all. Oh wait… so is she.

Can I just say for a minute that I’m SICK AND TIRED of people using mental illness as an excuse? If you’re so screwed up that you can’t be responsible for your own actions (like killing yourself, killing a partner or shooting up a school full of little kids), you should not be allowed into society. Maybe we’re coddling these killers who also happen to have a mental illness a little too much. I keep seeing these horrible crimes committed and it’s always with the excuse of mental illness. I’m sick of it!

I’m not saying mental illness isn’t real, obviously it is and it’s an issue. I’m just saying that we need to stop giving people a convenient excuse to kill others. In a few cases, I’m sure the killer really didn’t know what they were doing, but in a lot of cases it seems like the defense just jumps to the mental illness excuse as a way of absolving their client of any responsibility. We need to hold people accountable whether or not they have a chemical imbalance in their brain. We keep looking for ways to pass the blame. A mentally ill person kills a bunch of kids in a school, we blame the illness. We blame the mother for not keeping better track of him. We blame the doctor. We blame everyone BUT the person that pulled the trigger. We’ve turned people with mental illness into victims and I’m sorry, but that’s wrong. We’re seeing more and more of these horrible crimes because we’re addressing the issue incorrectly.

The Michelle Carter case is just one more problem. Someone with a mental illness kills himself and we blame the girlfriend for encouraging him to do it. For being a bully. She didn’t pull the trigger. She wasn’t even in the same room as him. It’s words. He could have turned his cell phone off. He could have said no. He could have shown someone the messages and gotten reassurance from them if that’s what he really needed, but he didn’t. And in the end HE took his own life.

Yet Michelle sits in a court room on trial for her words. If we can convict this girl for text messages, can you imagine the slippery slope we’ll be on? What about controversial books, political posts or random tweets sent in anger? I know a lot of people say the difference is that the recipient in this case had a mental illness. Do you have any idea how many people you pass on a daily basis that have a mental illness? It’s rampant and a lot of those people are undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. They’re completely unbalanced as this young man was and any small slight — whether it’s intentional or not — could be the straw that breaks the camels back and makes them do something horrible. You never know. By convicting her for her words, we’re setting ourselves up on a path where we’re all criminals. Where censorship is real and where you can be jailed for your thoughts, words or actions because they could offend the wrong person.

Is Michelle Carter a horrible, evil, vile person for encouraging her boyfriend to kill himself? You bet. But at the end of the day HE killed himself, not her. I think I’d rather let God sort Michelle one out than set the precedent that the wrong words at the wrong time are now a criminal offense.


Darling VoxBox: First Impressions

Recently I received a Darling VoxBox from Influenster. The box is packed full of FREE products and samples to try out in my home. The catch? Well, there really isn’t one. With Influenster, you receive FREE products and samples to try at home, then you just spread the word and let people know what you think. It’s that easy.

So, back to the box. What did I get? A full-size bottle of Nature’s Bounty Energy Gummies, a sample packet of Duncan Hines Perfect for 1 Chocolate Lovers Cake, Live Clean Baby Gentle Moisture Tearless Shampoo & Wash, Live Clean Moisture Baby Lotion, a coupon for a container of Country Crock butter and EVA NYC Surf’s UP! Texture Spray. Not a bad haul.

At first I couldn’t really see the connection between the items. VoxBoxes usually have some sort of theme. Then I realized this is really all “mom” stuff. Butter is a household staple, every mom needs some cake once in a while, baby products are self-explanatory as are the energy gummies and the texture spray is to combat the dreaded mom hair.

Aside from the butter, none of these products are things I would have necessarily tried on my own. I tend to stick with baby products that I know and love (or have been recommended by friends) and I¬†don’t generally linger in the baking aisle at the store with my kids to see what’s new (moms know this is dangerous). As for my hair? Well, that hasn’t been styled in about 7 years, so I definitely wouldn’t have picked up the texture spray at random.

I’ve already dug into the butter and the energy gummies (which I may or may not have chased with an iced coffee), but I’m pretty excited to see how the other products work out. I’m saving the chocolate cake for Monday to enjoy with the Bachelorette, but the texture spray is going to go for a test drive this weekend as will the baby products. My “baby” is 3, so lets just hope they don’t make my ovaries explode. Wish me luck!