My First Groupon Goods Purchase & Return: A Review of Groupon Goods

I’ve been stalking the Ninja 4-in-1 deal on Groupon and when my birthday rolled around in June, I decided to go for it. The unit arrived 9 days after I ordered it, which is a lengthy time for shipping, but ok. I opened the box and pulled it out.

My heart sank.

The cooker was severely damaged. Like much more than you would expect from a refurbished item. Most refurbished items are like new with little signs of wear. This had a huge dent on the side and the bottom didn’t fit back together properly. It looked like it fell off the back of the truck. The box was in perfect shape with a ton of extra packaging, so I know it was shipped that way. I was duped.

ninja damage

I contacted Groupon. They have a 14-day return period and this item was not excluded, so I hurried up and had them send me a return shipping label. I packaged it back into the box it came in and I sent it out the next day with the mail. The return carrier picked it up from the post office at 5am on Friday, June 30th. It’s now Saturday morning and their website still says it has not yet been received. It was. More than 24 hours ago.

I Googled the return carrier. They are known for their poor service and lengthy return times. Hooray. Way to choose a bargain-priced carrier, Groupon. One more nail in that company’s coffin as far as I’m concerned.

To add insult to injury, I left a review of the Ninja at Groupon letting others know that the unit was so damaged that I had to return it. Sort of a buyer beware warning if you will. They have rejected 4 versions of my review with no explanation as to why. I asked a chat representative if Groupon doesn’t accept 1-star reviews and she ended the chat without answering. I asked another representative the same question and they ignored it, then referred me to email support.

That leads me to believe they don’t accept 1-star reviews. My faith in Groupon was totally shattered by this transaction. I just want my money back so I can go buy a cooker from a more trustworthy site like Craigslist. Yeah, I just wrote that — I trust the weirdos on Craigslist more than Groupon.

Buyer beware.


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