Prime Day Bust

Today is Prime Day. Amazon is boasting that they have more deals than Black Friday, with new deals being released throughout the day. Excited for the bargains, I went to their website and took a look.

What a load of junk. No, literally. Dog leashes, kindles, various supplements, yoga mats and towels. Not really any of the big-ticket items people go for on Black Friday.

If you read my Groupon review, you know that I sent back my Ninja 4-in-1. I saw that there was one on the Prime Day deals, so I took a look. Any color for $84.99 refurbished. That’s worse than Groupon where they’re currently $69.99! That’s not a deal! The same thing is true for the Instapot they have one sale. The Prime Day price is not a bargain at all compared to other sites.

So, my final ruling: Prime Day is a bust, at least, for me it is.

Did you manage to find any bargains?


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