Real Talk: First Impressions of Thirty-One

I did it. I finally popped my MLM cherry and signed up as a consultant for something. My friends and family are being blessed with constant advertisements for the stuff I’m selling on Facebook and several have discreetly “unfriended” me in an attempt to just make it stop.

I really feel like I’ve made it as a woman now.

The title already gave it away, but I signed up as a Thirty-One consultant. The lucrative 25% percent commission from the get-go was what initially caught my attention, but beyond that, it’s something I’ll also buy. I didn’t want to sign up as a fitness coach (I’m out of shape and hate the shakes), I think Thrive is little more than snake oil, I don’t use essential oils enough to want to invest in a $150+ kit, I’m makeup challenged and I’m too poor to spend $6k on Lula Roe and too smart to put the on-boarding on a credit card. What’s a girl to do?

The Kit

Thirty-One made sense for me because the initial kit is only $99* (Ha, I put the * because for me it was $117 and change. Tax and shipping, yo.) and the kit came with a few things I wanted for myself that totaled over $100 anyway. Basically, the kit was a good investment. The kits change twice yearly, but all contain similar items. You’ll get a large utility tote, a zipper pouch, some sort of purse, a home item, a thermal, a small organization item, etc.

Hidden Extras

In addition to the tax and shipping charges on the kit, there’s one other expense that nobody tells you about — website fees. That’s right, they charge each consultant a monthly fee for their website. It’s $14.95/month. This is optional, unless you want to be able to let people place their own orders. Believe me, you want people to be able to place their own orders!

One other “hidden extra” was the cost of using a scheduling app. I use Cinch Share. It’s $10/month, but it lets me schedule posts for Facebook events. It’s an absolute must-have for Thirty-One parties, particularly if you’re doing the bulk of your business online, like I am.

Start Swell

New consultants are able to earn some bonuses their first 4 months of being with the company by meeting Start Swell goals. In the past, making $600+ of sales in each of the 4 30-day periods would net you some additional 3-4 piece kits. Currently, you get 25% of whatever you sell for the month, provided that it’s at least $500. That’s in addition to your regular 25% commission. You can use that credit to place a “business supply order” which is basically catalogs, order forms, discounted products, etc.

The Start Swell is to deter people (like me) from being a kit napper. A kit napper is someone that just signs up for the heavily discounted kit without any intentions to sell the product. By offering a Start Swell, they encourage people to actually make sales… at least during the first four months.

The Bottom Line

It’s not THAT hard to make money with Thirty-One as long as you have at least one friend that doesn’t already have a dealer. That’s the toughest part since the market is pretty saturated… at least where I live.